For many of us, the joy of hearing “your loan has been approved” represents the moment when we realize the dream of homeownership is about to be fulfilled.

When it comes to purchasing a home in today’s real estate climate, it is advisable to get the financing in place as early as possible.

With regulations and guidelines for lending at all-time highs, it’s important to understand the mortgage lending process and need expert guidance as you move forward.

The Mortgage Process:

  • Step 1: Get pre-qualified to establish your price range. By getting pre-qualified via phone, online application or in person you will get a solid understanding of your mortgage options and price range.
  • Step 2: Visit properties and find your dream home. Working with your especially selected Moving With Genpak real estate broker to determine your optimum location, visit properties and discover your dream home.
  • Step 3: Write an Offer to Purchase - including a “Letter of Pre-Approval.” In today’s market, an Offer to Purchase including a Pre-Approval Letter is regarded as more solid and credible.
  • Step 4: Upon acceptance of your Offer, complete your Mortgage Application. Collect and send your mortgage application documents to your loan officer who will prepare your application for your signature.
  • Step 5: Sign your Mortgage Application and your lender orders a property appraisal. The appraiser then determines if the accepted sales price meets all the necessary guidelines.
  • Step 6: Property inspections are completed and repair issues (if any) are negotiated with the seller.
  • Step 7: Select homeowner’s insurance and have your insurance agent contact your lender immediately.
  • Step 8: Your loan is reviewed and underwritten. Upon receipt of the necessary documentation, the file goes to our Underwriter for approval. A loan may be approved outright, or more commonly, approved with conditions. The loan processor will review these conditions and may require you to provide further information if needed.
  • Step 9: Inspection report(s), appraisal and application documents are brought together to create your “Closing Package.” Once any conditions have been satisfied, all your documentation is in hand and your appraisal has been received, our underwriters will approve your Package for closing. Also, during this time, your homeowner’s insurance company will need the appraisal to bind your insurance. If there were any home repairs needed, a final inspection may be required at this time.

To Pre-qualify for a Mortgage.

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